Increasing conversions with visual search

How > 47% of Saatchi Art's customers used visual search before making a purchase

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“After demoing a number of visual search products, Visii’s was clearly the best. On top of that, the team has been a joy to work with, collaborating closely on not just the algorithms, but various front end solutions to make visual search a high-converting feature of our online gallery.”

Chris Carlson, Sr. Product Manager at Saatchi Art
The results
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Months after integrating Visii, Saatchi Art saw that 47% of their site visitors who made a purchase used visual search.

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Saatchi Art is one of the world’s largest international online art galleries, where artists in over 80 countries worldwide can exhibit and sell their work directly to customers.
  • Saatchi Art has millions of artworks, photography and sculptures which can be challenging to showcase to customers due to the sheer volume and diversity. Many artworks can go undiscovered for days after upload.
  • Traditional solutions such as keyword search and drop-down filters can be helpful, but aren’t ideal for content that is above all aesthetic and difficult to describe with tags and keywords.
  • Typical recommender systems don’t capture the unique aesthetic qualities of the product, but instead rely on one-size-fits-all approaches, such as “also by this artist” or “customers also viewed.”
  • Visii Explore, using customer interactions to understand personal preferences, helped Saatchi Art improve their “browse and search function” to make product discovery easier and more engaging.
  • Visii Similar, which instantly generates recommendations, allowed Saatchi Art to showcase the most visually similar content for each customer without having to collect data or train recommender systems.
Visii explore

Personalized product discovery

Browse Saatchi Art with Visii visual image search

Visii Explore helped Saatchi Art improve their “browse and search function” to make product discovery easier and more engaging. Powered by deep learning AI, Visii Explore narrows down product result lists in real time using customer interactions. Customers see the products they want without having to scroll through pages of results or use tags and filters.

The Test

Method: A/B test with Saatchi Art’s browse page with and without the option for Visii visual search. Goal: To find out the difference in purchases relative to the control. Results: The Visii integrated browse page created a 12.0% increase in purchases, with 91% confidence. This translated to a 11x ROI, which shows the powerful revenue impact of Visii visual search when customers choose to use it.
Visii similar

Personalized customer recommendations

Saatchi art visual image search example

Visii Similar provided Saatchi Art with a new recommender system for all of their artwork, photography and sculptures. Visii Similar generates instant product recommendations by analyzing the unique features and content of the pieces, so that suggestions to customers are more aesthetically accurate.

The Test

Method: A/B test with Saatchi Art’s “You Might Like” suggestions generated by Visii Similar. Goal: To find out the difference in clicks on suggestions relative to the control. Results: Visii generated recommendations drove a 20.4% increase in click-through rates, which can lead to either additional purchases or a product that better fits the customer's unique preferences.

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