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How to integrate Visii

We offer multiple ways to integrate Visii's services with your site: from simply adding a button to your page, through to an API that gives you complete control over every aspect of how your users interact with your website.

  • API

    Our API allows you to completely customise the integration of Visii products into your website or app.

    View our API documentation

  • Widget

    Integrating a widget into your site is as easy as adding a few lines of code showing a button on any page. All we need is a list of links to your products, and we'll do the rest.

    See it live on ArtImage - a digital image solution dedicated to sourcing and licensing exceptional modern and contemporary art.

  • Apps

    Shopify simplified the way businesses do e-commerce. We made an App that enables Shopify clients to utilise Visii technology with one click. Contact us if you'd like a trial.

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