Visii Assistant

An intelligent online shopping assistant that guides customers from browsing to discovery to purchase.

Serve customers with an intelligent assistant, able to capture their interests and deliver them to the product they are looking to buy.


Visii Assistant improves the customer experience and speed to checkout.


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Visii’s Intuition Drive understands what customers want and quickly navigates them to relevant products.

By better understanding your customers' taste, intent and context, Visii Assistant will offer relevant and engaging suggestions - just as a physical shopping assistant will do. Displaying the right products at the right time saves them time and reduces frustrations and distractions of seeing irrelevant products results.

Turn around out-of-stock situations with suggestions that are in stock or more suited to their price point, effectively creating a luxury online shopping experience.


How it fits on your site or app

Product Pages

Catch your customer before they leave by showing them tailored results on your product pages.

Our integration points ensure that all steps of the funnel can be augmented and improved with Visii Assistant. By personalising through an interactive experience you can increase engagement while serving your customers as efficiently as possible.

Search Pages

Shopping online already presents a barrier when a customer needs to ask for help and advice. Visii Assistant can help with highly personalised yet nonintrusive suggestions during their time on your site.

Distinguish yourself from the competition by providing an intelligent assistant that personalises every page of recommendations for your customer - without hiring additional staff.


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