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Increase revenues with real-time personalisations.

Understand your customers' tastes and hone in on the products they want.


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Don't rely entirely on search boxes, checkboxes or infinite scrolling to get your customers to your products.

Visii Explore is your solution for displaying product lists so users can browse and search effectively. It is powered by our deep learning AI which allows us to narrow down the product result lists in real time – with every product selection a customer makes. This allows customers to easily focus on content they love even when browsing catalogues listing millions of products.


How it fits on your site or app

Stand-alone WebApp

Give your customers to a highly personalised experience akin to a personal shopper.

Each choice they make will help Explore further hone in the recommendations, with minimal effort and the simplicity akin to interacting with a shopping assistant.

Our WebApp is the perfect stand-alone landing page for mailing or social media campaigns as it offers immediate personalisation for your customers.

Search Pages

Improve your existing search pages and get the right product in front of your customer before they bounce.

Don't expect your customers to scroll endlessly or go to page 5 to find their perfect item. By using Visii Explore on your existing search experience, you can add the most relevant results. Visii Explore works with filters you already have, meaning your customers can always find the right items in your catalogue.


How Explore works

By selecting your favourite watch, Visii Explore will intuit what makes up your interests and make increasingly relevant recommendations - tailored to you.

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