Visii Shelves

The innovative merchandising tool that boosts your sales.

With Shelves, you can showcase your products in real-time, creating fully-styled looks that inspire your customers to buy. By using Shelves to compare alternative items by style, complete a look or room, you can take the guesswork out of figuring out what your customers want and help them make informed purchasing decisions.


Visii Shelves improves the customer experience and speed to checkout.


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Don’t wait for the results of your manually deployed personalisation campaigns to figure out “what works”, or have your team troll through hundreds of SKUs to figure out how best to merchandise them together.

Our powerful real-time algorithm optimizes for sales and engagement, taking advantage of all learnings from your site to create truly personalized customer experiences that convert. Our AI technology, combined with advanced design thinking, boosts your engagement KPIs, reduces bounce rates, increases your sales, and creates unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers.


How it fits on your site or app

Product Pages

Help your customers complete their look, fill a room, or consider alternatives that suit their unique tastes and preferences, without ever leaving the product page. 

By eliminating page-flicking and multiple tab friction points, Shelves helps your customers avoid FOMO and move confidently forward with their purchases. 

With Shelves, you can sit back and watch your average order value increase as your customers discover new products they love and make more confident, informed purchasing decisions.

Cross Site Deployment

Shelves is designed to tailor your customers' experiences as they navigate through your site, making every interaction relevant, personable, and enjoyable. By intuiting your customers real-time in-the-moment context, Shelves can optimize their shopping experience based on their interests, preferences, and behavior. 

With Shelves, you can see the power of listening to your customers unfold, with increased time on site, more page views, 100% satisfaction in qualitative testing, and increased brand loyalty. 

The best part is that it's all automated and continuously optimizing, ensuring that you don't miss out on trend changes, personal quirks, or figuring out what will and won't work now.


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