Curation on-the-fly with automated visually relevant suggestions.

Extend existing collections, looks and visual merchandising based on products your customers like.

Visii Collections

Enhances your curated groups of products by extending them with automatically generated suggestions that match their style.

On average our customers save 80 hours per month of manual merchandising tasks and can double their SKU's without additional staff.

Typical applications include: automated visual merchandising, 'Shop The Look' functionality and extending customers' favourites or wishlists with many more targeted and personalised suggestions.

Automated Visual Merchandising

We've built a solution for visual merchandising that will save your team time. Compared to manually creating collections:




more scalable

How Collections Works

Try Collections

See how Collections can make visual merchandising a breeze. Selecting products that make up a "look", you can automatically generate suggestions based on the multiple pieces.

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