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Taking real life desires and turning them into your e-commerce consumers

Inspire customers by enabling them to search using an image. Reverse image searching for specific products is the new way to shop.

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Visii Lens enhances your customer experience by simplifying the buyer’s journey, saving them time while reducing frustration. Many times customers have an image of the product they want, so forcing them into a keyword based experience sets them up for failure and the store for lost revenue.


Create a stress free search experience by empowering your customers to use Visii Lens to find the products they desire faster.
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How Lens Works

  • Stand-alone WebApp

    Show your customers exactly what they want to see. Customers using Visii Lens simply drag and drop an image file to find the most similar available products.

    Our WebApp can act as the perfect stand-alone landing page for email or social media campaigns. By personalising through an interactive experience you can increase engagement while serving your customers as efficiently as possible.

  • Search Pages

    Customers who know what they want suffer the most in typical search experiences. Having an image of the product they want with no way to find it other than vague keywords is an endless source of frustration.

    Distinguish yourself from the competition by ensuring your customers never have to suffer the pain of infinite scroll and typing keywords to find the product that is just right.


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