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Automated contextual video advertising across social platforms

Empowered by AI, Visii's proprietary platform reinvents how brands tell stories. Using Visii, leading brands serve personalized videos on the fly to increase average order value.

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Visii Collections enhances your curated groups of products by extending them with automatically generated suggestions that match their style.

Visii Retargeting takes the most effective form of paid advertising and lets you enable personalised and dynamically generated videos to put your ads front and center in a medium customers don't skim over.

Use Collections to visually merchandise based on someone’s browsing history on a site and AI analysis. Instead of just suggesting the last item they viewed, Visii will pair items, with other items a customer will likely want to purchase all in highly engaging video ads across social media platforms.

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See how Collections can make visual merchandising a breeze. Selecting products that make up a "look", you can automatically generate suggestions based on the multiple pieces.




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