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Our purpose is to save people time by understanding what they want online

Searching, browsing or looking for inspiration online still can take hours. Originally, brands that provided recommendations based on what people bought had a competitive advantage.

After recommendation came


This then evolved to personalisation, which is based on pre-defined and limited profiles of customers' tastes and stage in the funnel. Businesses with more sophisticated personalisation dramatically outperform their peers as can be seen with the likes of Amazon, Spotify and Netflix.

Personalisation isn't the complete solution

Understanding the Customer

Personalisation doesn't take into account the full meta context of humans' decision-making process. As a result, even customers using platforms with the most sophisticated personalised recommendation technology still have to conduct laborious searches and are often provided with inaccurate recommendations.

Experience 66% more sales than personalisation

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To take the search out of shopping and ensure customers can find relevant content they want instantly.

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Shoppers don’t search yet find exactly what they want

Welcome to the world's first Intuitive Commerce technology.

Visii's Intuitive Commerce empowers brands to deliver the ultimate customer experience, proven to increase total sales, engagement, reduce churn and product returns.

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