We’re changing the way people connect.

Our vision is to revolutionize the future of e-commerce by creating a world where online shopping is a seamless, personalized experience driven by intuitive, AI-powered technology.

Our story

Visii was born from the insight that the online shopping experience could be overwhelming and impersonal, and the marketing campaigns often missed the mark. We recognized the opportunity to personalize the online shopping journey and marketing outreach by understanding each customer’s unique preferences and behaviors.

With this vision, we developed a state-of-the-art, multi-modal AI technology that could intuitively understand customers and serve them with what they truly want to buy. Our AI doesn’t just suggest products — it generates options based on real-time analytics and the context of human behavior, transforming the way customers discover and purchase products.

Today, Visii is a leader in providing AI-driven automated optimization for e-commerce platforms and personalized marketing campaigns. We take pride in offering businesses a powerful tool that boosts sales while revolutionizing the customer shopping experience. As we continue to explore the potential of multi-modal AI in personalizing and optimizing e-commerce, we’re excited about leading the journey into the future of online shopping.

Increasing top-line revnue
Up to 31%
Increasing engagement
Lowering returns
The Visii Team

Our values

Beings first, team second, we've decided to come together because we all ascribe to these common values.

Be world-class
Your job isn't done until the job is done.
Always learning
If we don't grow, we die. It isn't about working harder. It's about working smarter.
Share everything you know
Our business is happiness. The margin between success and failure is insight. Simple.
Be supportive
Positivity and growth mindset yields 30% improvement in happiness and satisfaction.
Take responsibility
You've got this. Make the hard call. We won't fail.
Enjoy your time
It's all about right now. Every single moment.

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