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Our Mission
To truly personalise every online shopping experiences.

By gaining an intuitive understanding of what online customers want and serving them with the world’s most accurate marketing content and product recommendations, we drive incremental revenue for you while saving your customers one of the few luxuries money can’t buy: time.
How we got here
Even today, searching, browsing or looking for inspiration online can take hours. Literally. We’re here to change all that.

Old school


Originally, eCommerce brands that served recommendations based on what customers had previously purchased held a competitive advantage.

After recommendation came

Profile-based personalisation

Recommendation then evolved to personalisation, based on predefined profiles of customers' tastes, as well as their position in the sales funnel. It wasn’t long before businesses with more sophisticated personalisation dramatically outperformed their peers. Just look at Amazon, Spotify and Netflix.

Harnessing the full potential 

Truly Understanding the Customer

Personalisation doesn't take the full metacontext of your customers’ decision-making process into account, like the weather at the precise moment a customer is browsing your site. As a result, customers using platforms with even the most sophisticated personalised recommendation technology are still served substandard product recommendations, and then left to conduct laborious searches leading to frustration and lost revenue.

Powered by Visii's Conversion Generative AI technology to unlock that potential, that’s where Intuitive Commerce comes into its own.

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