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Visii recommends and displays products your customers didn’t realize they want based on their visual preferences.

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Improving search and driving revenue for these major brands

Visii uses AI powered image and intent analysis to better understand your customer’s real time visual preferences.

Better Product Discovery

Search requires knowing the right keywords, categories requires superhuman forecasting ability, and popularity based systems segregate your inventory. Visii avoids all of these using our visual AI to display the product your user wants before even they know they want it.

Better Product Recommendations

Stop leaving money on the table. Traditional product recommendations only work well when you have millions of transactions to seed your recommendation engine, Visii uses visual preferences to recommend products without needing the same transaction volume of a Fortune 500 e-commerce store.

No More Tagging

Visii’s Machine Learning system will automatically tag and organize your product inventory so you don’t need to scale up your labour to match with increases in inventory. Imagine an infinite collection of product groupings to match any possible customer’s taste.

Visii is your competitive advantage

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Visii’s technology comes in a variety of flavours that work together or separately to improve your customers’ experience. Here are 3 of them.


Enhances your curated groups of products by extending them with automatically generated suggestions that match each customer’s unique style.


Explore is our solution for displaying lists of products during a search or browse experience.


Similar generates on-the-fly product recommendations without the need to collect data and train recommender systems.

I’m looking for watches for men at a budget of $300-$400.

Recommended products

“Artimage’s new visual search tool gives users the ability to comb through 15,000 images of artwork in less than 350 milliseconds and easily find unexpected gems.”

Jaja Liao, Business Development, Google

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