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Visii's product recommendations increase sales by understanding what customers want. Visii delivers highly relevant real-time recommendations based on visual information, product descriptions and user behaviour.

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Improving discovery to increase revenue for major brands

“Visii became one of our most important partners to grow our marketplace revenue. Their advanced, tailored-for-your-needs, highest value-generating solutions drove the most significant improvement to our top line”

Dovydas Jakstas, Head of Growth at Pamono

Visii is your competitive advantage

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“The integration of Visii onto our platform was one of the smoothest and most seamless releases that I have worked on. The team have knowledge in abundance, and are responsive and attentive to the needs of their client and have been an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Gemma Williams, Head of eCommerce

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Visii helps your customers find what they want in fewer clicks. Whether a browsing customer knows what they want or is looking for inspiration, Visii's predictive intent engine uses machine learning, AI, purchase data, classification data and demographics to create personalised customer experiences that increase sales.

Faster and Better Product Discovery

Traditional text is ineffective. It requires you to guess what keywords and categories shoppers will be interested in while relying on popularity-based systems to segregate your inventory. Visii takes the search out of shopping. It understands what your browsing customers want, even if they can't describe it themselves, and provides relevant recommendations.

Better Product Recommendations

Stop leaving money on the table. Visii helps you increase engagement by providing contextually-relevant personalised product recommendations for each customer based on their actions and browsing history. This results in increased click-throughs, more products viewed, speedier routes to checkout and an average 30% uplift in sales.

No More Tagging

Visii’s Machine Learning system will automatically tag and organize your product inventory so you don’t need to scale up your labour to match with increases in inventory. Imagine an infinite collection of product groupings to match any possible customer’s taste.

Visii has a complete suite of tools that work together or separately to help you improve your customer experience. Discover how you can transform your sales with Visii.


Enhances your curated groups of products by extending them with automatically generated suggestions that match each customer’s unique style.


Visii Explore literally takes the search out of browsing. Explore understands the customer’s intent to display relevant product recommendations in real time. Every time the user clicks an image Visii learns more and highly personalised products are shown.


Visii Similar generates real-time recommendations without requiring the visitors to give any information. Similar creates instant product recommendations which increase click-throughs by 20%.

I’m looking for watches for men at a budget of $300-$400.

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“Artimage’s new visual search tool gives users the ability to comb through 15,000 images of artwork in less than 350 milliseconds and easily find unexpected gems.”

Jaja Liao, Business Development, Google

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