Case Study

Increased revenue per user by 611%

80% higher average order value and 387% more purchased items


Intuitive Commerce helped Affordable Art Fair beat their yearly revenue target increase, transform their customer experience and strive during the pandemic. In addition, AAF was able to seamlessly serve the tens of thousands of customers to its annual fair it had moved online this year.

Increased revenue per user
More items purchased
Increased Average Order Value

“Visii intertwines outstanding customer experience with operational ease and results, having seen an improvement in our conversion rate to over 200% after implementation”

Gemma Williams, Head of eCommerce


In order to grow the business by its targeted 45%, AAF found that users finding what they are looking for in a personalised and visual manner was its best area of focus. They were looking to achieve strong improvements in product views that turned into higher adds to basket.

AAF's artwork catalogue size was large and user experience did not allow for a wide enough artwork findability. By nature, art is a highly visual experience. Customers were relying on limiting filtering and scrolling through numerous pages to view artworks, leading to high bounce rates and low number of page views.

Due to the pandemic, AAF faced the challenge of having to move their Art Fair exclusively online for their tens of thousands of customers.


Visii deployed intuitive search and discovery solutions that enable AAF's customers to intuitively find artwork based on their emotional preferences, providing experiences that were faster and more enjoyable than ever before.

How each and everyone feels about art is highly correlated to how art pieces are perceived. Visii overweighted the visual & semantic component of its Intuition Drive to empower AAF with solutions that responded to how their customers felt about each piece of art they looked at.

Visii proved to be AAF's perfect partner, helping it handle the complexity of this fundamental customer channel change. Visii effortlessly supported AAF's traffic growth of 619% YoY.


Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair (AAF) is the global leader in democratising the art world and making art accessible to all. Since AAF's first edition in London's Battersea Park in '99, AAF now reaches 10 cities around the world, welcoming over 185,000 art enthusiasts every year, leading to half a million pieces of artwork making their way into new loving homes.

Affordable Art Fair

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