Case Study

Multiplying conversion

Increased conversions more than 400%


After integrating Visii's Intuitive Commerce tool, Artimage saw a more than 4x increase in conversion.

Increase in page views
Decrease in bounce rate
Increased user engagement

“Visii have been a pleasure to work with to help Artimage improve conversions over 400%. They’ve provided technical expertise every step of the way to ensure Intuitive Commerce integrates seamlessly into our site and fulfills our customers’ needs. Visii’s Intuition AI greatly benefits artists by creating new and better ways to connect customers with their wide range of artworks.”

Laura Ward-Ure, Digital Manager at Artimage


Artimage displays collections of thousands of images from thousands of artists which can be challenging to showcase to customers due to the sheer volume and diversity of the products. Many artworks can go undiscovered leaving a large revenue stream untapped.

Traditional solutions based on tagging and filters can help prevent overwhelming customers, but also runs the risk of the perfect image for that customer falling through the cracks.

Typical recommender systems that are based on what other customers have also liked or works by the same artists puts the user in a box. Every person has a unique taste when it comes to art and basing recommendations on others is inaccurate.


Visii Explore, tracks and analyzes Artimage users' interactions with the images in order to understand their taste and preferences. Thus making product discovery easier and improving the overall user experience with a personalised touch.

The data easily shows the powerful impact, on engagement with the image content and customer experience, of the Visii visual search when customers choose to use it.

The 'browse and search function' of every site is the direct link to the customer and Visii now put's the products Artimage customers want in front of them faster than ever.

The Test

Visii Explore

Personalised product discovery

Visii Explore helped make Artimage's user experience a more personalized and engaging process, thus greatly increasing conversions and overall time spent on their site. Powered by deep learning AI, Visii Explore analyzes the customers' interactions on the site giving eerily accurate curated results in real-time.




Artimage is a visual artists' rights management organization, showcasing thousands of images from international artists. They are a digital image solution dedicated to sourcing and licensing exceptional modern and contemporary art.


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