5 Steps to Faster and Larger Sales

Written By: Visii - Ben Grandy
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5 Steps to Faster and Larger Sales

When the likes of Accenture and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) are showing that product recommendations through visual search boost profitability by 59%, while creating personalisation strategies has the power to grow sales 3x faster, you know it's time to take notice.

Understanding what customers want and being able to provide them with tailored recommendations is no longer a nice-to-have for online businesses - it's a critical and essential for their future success and growth.

However, just serving your customers similar products based on visual matches is not going to shift the dial. The key to realising the full potential of visual search is to understand your customers' intent and then serve them with a great experience that knocks spots off your competition.

The secret is to be able to understand intent, budget and need. For example, show a typical man a range of cars and they'll most likely find their way to the most expensive and impressive sports car - yet, in truth, they likely have no intent or ability to buy that car.

So, for visual search to really work you need to go way beyond just providing lookalike images. You need to understand the attributes of a product and ideally the purpose of the item to the customer.

This entails mixing visual processing, AI, big data, deep learning, heuristics and an understanding of the product. Whilst this sounds complicated, the truth is that none of it has to be for the end user who can simply enjoy a seamless and exceptional customer experience thanks to the power of Visii's True Recommendation tools.

Visii gives businesses the power to simply integrate its Total Context Analysis Systems in a manner of minutes so websites can profitise customer intent.5 ways Visii will transform your business:

Computer Vision: This is at the heart of how Visii provides intelligent recommendations, using AI and machine learning to locate relevant images.

Intent: The use of machine learning distinguishes Visii's products from normal visual search and empowers your business to understand what people really want.

Interaction: Visii constantly learns from real-time interactions and responses to search results to create more accurate recommendations.

User insights: We then apply user demographics, psychographics and purchase history to create a yet more detailed understanding of the customers' want.

Purchase data: The information map is completed with user purchase data and information on what routes lead to purchase.This five-steps process gives websites the most powerful insights into their customers which, in turn, transforms the user experience and sales.

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