Cookie Policy

Cookie Descriptions

NamePurposeTypeStoragePersonally IdentifiableExpirationUsage
_vaA unique identified for tracking a user across multiple sessions. Generated by Visii and used across all widgets.TargetingCookie30 daysAnalytics & all widgets upon consent
vs_stgFor display variations of buttons, text and designs to a visitor depending on the group they are allocated to. Ensures consistency between visits.PreferencesCookie30 daysSlick widget
vs-slick-stateResults from our API stored to reduce the number of requests and improve the experience for the customer.PreferencesSession StorageSessionSlick widget
vs_tooltipPreference for which tooltips to display to a customer. If the customer closes a tooltip, it will remain hidden on subsequent sessions.PreferencesCookie30 daysExplore webapp
vs_pdprecentThe most recent products visited by a visitor to present recommendations relevant to them.TargetingCookie30 daysSlick widget