Intuitive Search and Discovery

Our decision-making process is largely driven by the subconscious. That’s why recommendation & personalisation has historically been such a
difficult concept to get right in the real world.

Intuitive Commerce by Visii solves this eCommerce business-critical
challenge by interpreting your customers’ key decision-making factors in real-time, paving the way for you to serve them with the world's most accurate recommendations and use that insights for you to get customers to your site, cheaper.

How it works

Intuitive Commerce

  • Understands each customer's unique sense of taste and style.

  • Infers each customer’s individual needs by responding to real-time data and simultaneously overlaying it with the full range of our physical and emotional behaviours.

  • Accelerates sales by taking each customer’s priorities and prerequisites into account

Unique sense of taste

Deep Learning

Sees your products through your customers’ eyes, translating human-centric attributes like style and context into the fuel of machine learning.

How your customers view your products, feel about them and react to them holds the key to understanding their unique sense of taste and style.

Real-time personalised understanding

Subconscious decision-making process

While anticipating your customers’ subconscious seems like an impossible task, Visii’s patented Intuitive Commerce algorithm succeeds where
others fail. It does this by interpreting your customers’ key decision-making factors that lead up to the moment they’re ready to purchase,
from the broad visual appeal right through to individual product specifications.

Trust & Trends

Target-busting personalised recommendations

A huge amount of value comes from co-existing in an ever more integrated world, where the latest trends and other customers' discoveries, coupled with their sources of satisfaction and frustration, combine to help your customers buy with confidence, and faster.

Powered by Visii, Intuitive Commerce fuses profound insights into your customers’ needs and subconscious biases with a deep understanding of your products to help exceed your commercial goals.

Visii played a key role in driving our sales 25% higher, comfortably
outperforming every other solution we tested. With no compromise on
customer privacy, you're in safe hands with Visii no matter which industry you operate in.
Dovydas Jakstas
Head of Growth at Pamono

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