Intuitive Search & Discovery

Human decision-making process is largely driven by our subconscious, which is why recommendation and personalisation has traditionally been so challenging.

However, Visii's Intuitive Commerce solves this by interpreting the key decision-making factors to provide the world's' most accurate recommendations.

How it works

Intuitive Commerce

  • Understands each customer's unique sense of taste and style.

  • Assess the context of human behaviour and responds to real-time feedback to infer each customer's needs

  • Accelerates sales by taking each customer’s priorities and prerequisites into account

Unique sense of taste

Deep Learning

The look of your products and how your customers feel about them is key to understanding your customers' unique sense of taste and preferences.

Real-time personalised understanding

Subconscious decision-making process

While it may seem an impossible task to second guess your customers’ subconscious, Visii’s Intuition algorithm interprets the key decision-making factors to provide the world’s best recommendations.

Trust & Trends


A huge amount of value comes from living in a more highly integrated world, where other customers' new discoveries, satisfactions, frustrations, as well as what is currently trending, helps your customers buy with confidence, faster.

Whatever your industry, Visii are the go-to guys to figure out the magic sauce for your sales. They drove ours higher by 25%, beating all competition and never compromise on customer privacy.
Dovydas Jakstas
Head of Growth at Pamono

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